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Compiled by John Pryor

Some of the news items mention individuals. This is all done with the intent of keeping people informed about where people are in a good-natured way. If you have a problem with your name being mentioned here, please let me know and I will not use it on the web site.

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COMING EVENTS - Updated on 2014-10-08

Holidays and events to help with your travel planning.

Fri Nov 14 and
Sat Nov 15, 2014
Asia Pacific Golf Summit at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Click here for their web site...
Thu Dec 4 to
Sun Dec 6, 2014
Asia Golf Show at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China
Click here for their web site...
Thu Feb 19, 2015 Chinese New Year
Wed Feb 25 &
Thu Feb 26, 2015
US Golf Industry Show - Trade Exhibition
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Convention Center, San Antonio Texas
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Mon Mar 9 to
Wed Mar 11, 2015
Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia 2015 Conference.
Pattaya, Thailand.
Organised by Dr Micah Woods
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Fri Mar 13 to
Sun Mar 15, 2015
Beijing China Golf Show
The China National Convention Center, Beijing, China
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Fri Apr 3, 2015 Good Friday for Easter
Fri May 1, 2015 Labor Day
Mon Jun 1, 2015 Vesak Day
Wed Jun 24 &
Thu Jun 25, 2015
Australia Golf Course Superintendents Association Trade Exhibition

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Thu Jun 18 to
Fri July 17, 2015
Ramadan - Muslim month of Fasting


Today John Deere announced the sale of their irrigation operations to FIMI Opportunity, an Israeli private equity fund. This follows their announced withdrawal from the Golf Irrigation market back in Nov 2013.

In my opinion, John Deere's 8-year foray into irrigation was poorly implemented with products that did not meet with customer expectations, certainly not ours. Fortunately, all our Clients adhered to our advice not to use John Deere irrigation products. As a result, they were not affected by the product failures and the short-term involvement of John Deere in the irrigation business.

Not sure what value FIMI are getting for their money, a paltry US$ 60 million (even though John Deere Water had an annual turnover of US$ 220 million). John Deere on their part was most likely looking at any way out that minimised their bleeding.

This withdrawal from the irrigation market leaves John Deere Field Connect (in-field moisture sensing and climate sensing technology) somewhat disconnected from John Deere's core business. I expect that will be sold off or abandoned soon as well.


John Pryor the Sand Green (hopefully soon converted to turf).

Karratha Golf Course is in the planning phase of upgrading their sand greens to turf along with other potential improvements to the golf course. Karratha is a mining town in the remote north-west with low rainfall and high temperatures. While on site, it was 42 C with 60% humidity. By the way, the photo was taken moments after I stepped out of my air-conditioned car - No sweat!

Hydrogold is employed by Richard Chamberlain Golf Design, based in Queensland. We worked with Richard upgrading the Melville Golf Club while Phil Moylan was the Golf Course Superintendent there. Geoff Bennell is the Agronomy Consultant.


John Pryor on site with Roel Abella, David Chua, Leila Shukor and Henry Adam.

This project is nearing completion. Hydrogold is employed by the Guocaland as the Irrigation Consultant for this high-end, GreenMark Condominium. ICN Design International is the Landscape Architect and Christensen Irrigation (headed by David Chua) is the Irrigation Contractor. The project features a 20 m high, 220 m long rock / green wall along the Addis Road boundary.

Artist's impression of the rock / green wall


John Pryor on a site inspection.

Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, constructed in 1994, is about to undergo a major upgrade of the golf course and facilities. Hydrogold visited the site and provided advice on for their on-going water management of the site.


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