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Chinese Proverb: "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand."

Pain and Repetition (another form of pain) are the best teachers. Avoid some of the pain. Gain the knowledge by studying the information available to you. Then gain understanding by applying your knowledge. Then teach others and you will truly understand!

This page contains Free Educational Resources from Hydrogold.

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HYDROBULL - Hydrogold's Technical Bulletins
Helping you understand the Technical Issues of Water Management

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Basic Irrigation Parameters Series - The Fundamentals for Everyone

1 Sprinkler Coverage The First Basic Irrigation Parameter.
This article explains sprinkler coverage including the concept of percentage spacing; width of coverage for golf courses (single, two-row, three-row and wall to wall) with plenty of graphics to help your understanding.
2 Peak Application The Second Basic Irrigation Parameter.
This article covers EvapoTranspiration (ET), Reference ET (ETo), Peak Application (Precipitation) and Crop Factor for the irrigation system.
3 Watering Window The Third (and final) Basic Irrigation Parameter.
This article lists the factors affecting the irrigation watering window. It also ties all the 3 Basic Irrigation Parameters together. It highlights the importance of correctly determining them and demonstrates their inter‑relating nature.

Irrigation Efficiency Series - Towards the Goal of "Using Only What We Need"

4 Sprinkler Uniformity The First in our series on Irrigation Efficiency
Sprinkler Uniformity is the cornerstone of Irrigation Efficiency. This article includes an introduction to Sprinkler Uniformity concepts, measurement and its importance. It also looks at computer modelling (with densograms) and a case study.
5 Distribution Uniformity This is a practical guide (especially for Ground Staff) to measuring the Distribution Uniformity of an irrigation system. It also covers the importance of "Setting Sprinklers to Grade" and how to do it.
8 Computerised Central Controller From its birth in the late 1980s, the Computerised Central Controller (CCC) has evolved alongside the personal computer. This article outlines the role of the modern CCC and how it reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of an irrigation system. It also explains the poorly understood area of flow management. Watering Window Efficiency and how to program Deep Watering Cycles.

Irrigation Products

82 HDPE versus PVC Pipe In the 1960's PVC pipe replaced the older Galvanised Steel (Iron) and AC (Asbestos-Concrete) pipes. Now we see HDPE pipe used more often. What are the advantages of each type of pipe for irrigation?
Also included is a section on Pipe Substitution Tricks (and how to avoid them) - see section 9. Looks at the inside and outside diameters, wall thickness and nominal diameters of different standards.

Pumps and Ancillary Equipment Series - Pump Stations, Pumps, Filters, Fertigation, etc.

120 Golf Course Irrigation Pump Stations We look at the components of an Irrigation Pump Station for a golf course: Pumps, Motors, Manifold & Valves and the Pump Control System. The benefits of the different types of pumps is explained. Total Cost of Ownership compared to the up-front capital cost are compared.
Did you know it is likely more will be spent on electricty than the up-front capital cost? Read about how critical pump and motor efficiency are.

Irrigation Design (not only for Irrigation Designers)

204 Irrigating Golf Greens What options do you have for configurating the sprinklers to irrigate a golf green and its surrounds? How do you avoid soggy approaches to the green? Where not to place sprinklers. All is explained.

HYDROVIEW - Hydrogold's Viewpoints on Water Topics
Helping you understand the Non-Technical Issues of Water Management

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1 Hydrogold's Quality Chain Planning + Design + Product + Installation + Maintenance

This guide to a successful irrigation project is essential reading for Owners, Developers, Master Planners and Project Managers. There are 5 phases to a project and each needs to be successfully implemented for a successful project. This artitcle also introduces the Total Cost of Ownership concept.
2 Design and Construct Projects For Owners, Developers, Master Planners and Project Managers. This article reviews the different contractual arrangements for an irrigation system including the "Design and Construct". It explains the advantages and pitfalls with each approach.
3 A Guide to Irrigation Renovation For Owners, Golf Course Superintendents and Irrigation Superintendents. This article has an overview of the planning processes for a succesful renovation of an irrigation system. It then examines each process in detail.
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